I need help with sizing!!

  • So I recently have gotten a pair of cherry 11 lows size 10.5, when I tie them medium tight, not full on, they fit pretty nice and my foot doesnt really slide out, but when it's untied & loose my foot slides out a lot and it looks stupid obviously, do you guys think 10 is my TTS, I have a pair of triple white AF1 that are size 9.5 and my foot slides out a little and is roomy when untied, but then I have a pair of 5's that are size 10.5 that fit perfectly, I also have a pair of triple black huraches sz 10.5 and triple white sz 11, can someone help me figure out what size I should aim for, I think for low jordans I am a 10, and for normal ones I am a 10.5?

  • Also I bought a pair of White cement 4s 2016 release in size 10.5 , would they fit closer to the 5s?

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    From i have heard most 4s run true to size.

  • 10 is probably your TTS yes. Nike and JB historically run small because they are meant to be tied tight and balled in first and foremost, and yes you can not lace them up as tightly, or loose lace for an off court and more casual look.

  • they usually run small

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