Air Jordan 1 High OG 2017 Colorways

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    From seen information, i am going to give you what i THINK will come out in 2017 regarding the 1985 Air Jordan 1 High OG.

    Metallic Orange (Semi Expected)
    Metallic Green (Not Expected)
    Metallic Red (Expect This)
    Metallic Purple (Very Unexpected)
    Metallic Black (Unexpected)
    Black/White (Expect This)
    Black/Black/White (Expect This)
    White/White/Black (Expect This)
    Shadow/Soft Grey (Semi-Expected)
    Chicago Red (Semi-Expected)
    Royal Blue (Expect This)

    I have been hearing that there will only be 8 pairs of 1's coming out, but JB's plan specifically said that they are going to re-release ALL of the metallics.
    They will also release a Monochromatic Pack. (seen with the black and whites)

    None of this is true so far, but this is only a prediction. So dont get your hopes too high as this may be false information, but items that say Expect This are sure to come out.

  • @ToxicAndThrashed

    It'll be cool to see half of those release..

  • Power Users

    Thanks for the share

  • Honestly im really looking foward to finally getting my hands on a pair of royals

  • thanks for the share

  • Update: OG All Star's releasing.

  • Admin

    Metallic series I'd definitely look forward to. I think JB tried to gauge the popularity of them from the blue ones that dropped last year. The materials are on point but they were discounted heavily and continue to do so. From that standpoint, I'm unsure if JB would move forward with a Metallic pack. It was kind of a fail from the business perspective.

  • cool share

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