What you like and don't like about the new releases.

  • It's sad to see the forum no longer being used as much as it used to, so I decided to post something that is relevant to what we see today with the new Nike air Jordan releases.

    This post is for the pros and cons of what you like about the new Air Jordans and what you don't like including price, availability, quality, colors, etc.. in the end add a 1 paragraph or sentence opinion of what you would like to see or how you feel.

    Me first.

    More availability of Air Jordan's
    Quality seems better
    Continually upgrading system (app) to make it more fair for future purchases
    Alternate color schemes vs OG to allow for uniqueness

    Price, it's killing it for collectors
    Not enough quantity on the styles the people really want (OG colorways)
    Way too many releases per month
    Unwanted special boxes and packaging can drive cost up on product.
    App reservation is currently dumb and reservations do not match up to purchase history or likes.

    I would like to see Nike refund customers who purchased items early that prices were reduced due to lack of sales as I do not wish to return an item just to repurchase it at a lower price.

    Last comment for Nike:
    Would you try out a 1 month NikeID on all Air Jordan's from 1-23 adding all og color way availability and other options just to see your potential?

  • The forums are being used, I just think people are too lazy to comment. I remember back when I first started on Solecollector (it was called ISS at the time) back in 2007, and the forums used to be the best part. There were always discussions about sneakers, I loved the Flamethrower section, and the customization area always had people showing off their kcks. Now, it is pretty empty unfortunately. I think people come here looking for answers and never get any. I haven't been on Nike Talk in years, but is that being used as much as well? I think with so many sneaker sites now, it's hard for anyone to become a regular on the forums. Many members have gone on to Youtube, and the likes, but it didn't help that Solecollector was bought by Complex, and then a lot of things were changed with the layout and how the forums were used. It's boring today. I'm not sure what the future brigns to this area of Solecollector. I know that the site is not going anywhere, it's still the largest site for sneaker related news (though I think Sneaker Bar Detroit is a better site this solecollector), and I think there will always be someone chicking this section out.

    Sorry I didn't answer your question, but your first comment got me to thinking especially since I was just starting college in 07 and this site used to be the shit. Brings back so many memories.

  • It's a same, but everyone has to always deal with change right?

  • Power Users

    RE the forum, I think most forums are dead these days, everyone has moved to facebook for instant...whatevers. Doesn't help that the new forum software is pretty wack, i've seen it many times, forum using VBulletin or whatever (pretty much universal form software) everyone knows how to use, forum gets upgraded to something new someftware, usually some bespoke thing to be fancy, everyone hates it, it wack to use, traffic drops to practically zero, forum dies...

    As to Jordans releases, wouldn't know, where I live you just can't buy them. have wanted a few over the last few years (I only really like OG's and pretty much 1,4,5's).

    Nowhere locally sells J's, need a plane flight to the nearest store, online sells out in nano seconds, so left with getting fom the US (add $50 post from US to Australia) from ebay or resellr for 3x retail..not worth it, so basically I don't buy J's any more.

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