Impulse Streetwear by HaveAir Customs!

  • My name is Michael Javier and I am an 18 year old artist and entrepreneur. I have a custom sneaker business (that I've been shutting down) called HaveAir Customs which I've been running since eighth grade. Since December of 2015 I've been developing my own clothing brand called Impulse Streetwear. My mission is to provide my customers with quality, affordable, and nonexclusive streetwear. There would be no streetwear industry without the culture in the first place. I would rather support the culture and keep it open to anybody that is interested, than make it exclusive with high prices and extremely limited products. Every collection is designed around a short story that I create. Each story stresses an important life idea or concept. The story is then split into different parts with one part being included with each style. Buy multiple pieces from each collection and you receive the multiple pieces from the story.
    To fund the production of my debut Paradise Collection and solidify the foundation of my brand, I've turned to Kickstarter. You can check out my project here, any help with spreading the word and funding is appreciated!
    Project link again:
    Additional images:
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