Wearing basketball shoes casually?

  • With the right outfit, basketball shoes can actually look good but I'm not sure which ones can be worn casually. Anyone know some bball sneakers that look good even when rocked off court? (Worn with jeans, joggers, etc)

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    probably like kds or low top kobes

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    dunno about you guys, but i;ve always worn balling shoes casually, since the first pair of blazers I got back in...ugh like 82 or 83. Don't really care if I look good or not, but I thought rocking my skyforces and conventions back in the day was about a good a look as you can get...
    these days, although my newest were/are weapon evos and joran 21's,still rocked em

  • @CrossEmUp
    Another consideration for ladies basketball shoes is the upper closure systems. There should be snug fitting of the feet inside the shoes even with very fast movements and speed of the basketball player.

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