The good ol days

  • Yo I just wanted to give a shoutout to dunksrnice, verse001 (tonydiamonds), mjo23dan, drummatix, mjow, dependable jay, sk8thegr8, imran, and the endless amounts of OGs that introduced me to so much sneaker culture when I joined these boards seven years ago when I was 15. I miss the days where these forums would be where I saw early previews, catalogs with style codes, and people who got their hands on samples. I'm still in awe at some of the collections and pairs I remember seeing...reverse infrared 6s, the guy with dozens of pairs of city series SBs. Y'all helped me form my style, learn how and where to find sneakers, and with the marketplace, I made at least ten great deals with trusted members.

    I also wanna give a shoutout to complex and the forum redesign for killing these forums and solecollector as a whole. You can't blame reddit and instagram and snapchat and Facebook groups for making a very user-unfriendly forum paired with a homepage with nothing but clickbait-titled articles and poor "journalism." There are other active forums out there, there are plenty of people still having great discussions on sneakers and style.


  • familiar name... +1

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  • @dannyiss said in The good ol days:

    familiar name... +1

    Ah yeah I remember you homie, you from Queens right? Size 11-12 or something like that?

  • @quitefunkyfresh Close enough lol. NJ, but yea 11-12. I used to be an Admin, ran the legit checks and price checks mainly for SBs.

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    respect it man

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