What shoe size should i order?

  • This is the first time i've ever ordered Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers and i was curious what size would fit me as im ordering them online, im confused because i fit into a size 12 US nikes but also a size 11 US nikes so im confused what i should order, it says size 12 scales to Italian size 46 but on the website it says its 45 for giuseppe's but im not sure if that's measured for the differences between shoe, so what i'm basically asking is. do i order size 45 because they say its size 12 or order size 46 because that's actually size 12, on this website i looked at a chart it says size 45 is really us size 11 so im unsure on what to order and i just want to make sure it fits when it gets here my foot is about 11" 8-11/16

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