Need 10 pairs of platform sneaker soles replaces

  • Not sure where else to ask, hoping somebody can help me! I have like, 10 pairs of 1990s Buffalo platform sneakers which are all suffering from the dreaded "Sole Rot" that anyone familiar with polyurethane/injection mold foam soles knows all too well. I am looking for somebody who is either a cobbler, shoe maker, customizer, etc. who would be able to completely replace all of the soles with new ones. They wouldnt have to be the same as the original soles, any more sturdy foam would work. It isnt something i am able to do myself, though i have certainly tried my best. If anybody has any recs on people/shops that might be able to do this, or any other forums that could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated!

    (2_1481521170699_buffalo3.tiff 1_1481521170698_buffalo2.tiff 0_1481521170697_buffalo1.tiff

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