Jordan Retro 11 Cherry Lows - Check

  • I had a pair of Retro !! Cherry Lows shoes donated as part of a charity shoe drive and have question whether they are real or not. I believe that they are fake because I can't find a match of the product number on the inside label anywhere online. It says: 528895-116!. It's the last 3 digits that do not match up with what I'm finding online (-102). I don't see any of the other major telltale signs of fakery in the materials/workmanship (though there are a couple of small places I question), but I'm no expert and assume that they wouldn't have been donated if they were real. Just wanted to make sure. Thank you for your expertise!!!

  • 0_1481464834681_shoe label.jpg
    0_1481464850413_IMG_1058.JPG 0_1481464867815_IMG_1059.JPG 0_1481464886365_IMG_1057.JPG

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