Q & A (for a paper) Feel free to say anything, it'd be a great help!

  • Look at this photo and answer the following questions please.
    http://www.momondo.co.uk/inspiration/the-kicks-keep-getting-harder-to-find-sneakerheads/![alt text](image url)

    1. What youth culture does this image represent to you?
    2. What about the image captures the culture for you?
    3. How much do you know about this culture? (Famous people who made shoes popular)
    4. Where did you get your information about the culture?
    5. What is your view of the culture? Is it a hobby or lifestyle?

    1. A lot of youths are loyal to Nike, perhaps would just buy a pair of sneaker base on the media rather than buying it for the style or a particular reason.

    2. This image represents the amount of products that one person (sneaker head) could have, he/she can have the same model but in all different colour ways and materials. It represents the love and loyalty that the consumer have for Nike. The other way of looking at it is that the consumer is buying product which is unnecessarily needed, the amount of consumption waste that is produced but a pair of sneaker is a precious commodity for a sneaker head.

    3. I know a lot base on the fact that I designed shoes and a sneaker head myself, however celebrities are part of the sneaker culture.

    4. I get my information by reading online, books and magazines, social media. Friends around me discuss things and I learn a few things from them.

    5. I think it is interlinked together, you might love sneakers as a hobby, but it can easily be a part of your lifestyle base on the places and the things that you do from loving sneakers. Attending events, looking at the latest shoes, checking the hotspots are the things you do when you love it and it is a part of your lifestyle.

    Can you help me out by answering on the link below please

    Appreciate it, hope my info helps. Cheers.

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