Introduction, disposition and Questions. *TLDR*; I want to make money through sneaker reselling.

  • Got the income set aside. Pretty modest amount... However I have very little knowledge about ya know, the hype.. Now given that I'm an African American Male, whose been through my share of trials and tribulations(went through the whole Billy Badass phase thinking being ignorant, chasing fast money, being a jailbird and chasing unambitious women was actually gonna get me anywhere in life). I'm aware of what's cool in the hood (another lesson I learned the hard way, get out of the hood when you can and don't look back except to help those who want to/and are helping themselves) , as unfortunately some of us may know a bit too well, as well. The misplaced priority of this specific genre of people usually almost always guarantees and dictates certain spending habits and socioeconomically patterns. Most notably towards Jordan's and Nike related products....

    Now to get off my raggedy , half assed wanna be philosophical soap box.. My point of my post, joining this site, and new found/hopefully long lasting lucrative hobby. Is as well as most , or as you could say : is synonymous with why you all are probably here or at least still reading this post. To make money, albeit it short term , long term, residual, etc, you get the point.

    Now to the actual applicable part of my post and what I hope to achieve from this post is... Advice

    1)Any and all general advice. Feel free to tell me things more than once, sometimes you don't see something until you've heard the same thing reiterated.

    2)Security Protocol, judging from what I've seen online and on the news especially in my specific part of town. This is a much under discussed topic in my opinion. I'll expose a bit more information about myself. For the better or the worse , as it may be. However I was raised to give people a blunt ,frank,honest ,ugly and truthful reality versus that Beyoncé like beautiful lie. I went to school with 2 of the men involved in the "Houston Air Jordan Killer" (google it, impossible to miss) . Not saying I was affiliated with anybody surrounding the incident, however my part of town for the most part isn't a part of town where I'd even feel safe grabbing some limited edition shoes and walking back to my car in. This portion of advice I'll definitely be grateful to receive some on. However I plan on being overly prepared for a multitude and I mean a plethora/multitude/lengthy amount of potential threats. Especially given my military background which we will not discuss right now.

    1. Networking and Connections, I feel like this will come in due time by being an intelligent , logical, non emotional decision making , good consistent business doing individual.

    2. From what you've read above , what you can insinuate through intelligence, already possessed knowledge and wisdom and what you think I'm either smart enough to figure out or potentially already know. I want this number to be the question of what am I leaving out. What did I not touch on. The obviously blatant things such as , purchasing online ahead of time, pre-ordering, etc I feel as though I should be smart enough to do that, or atleast willing to figure it out. Any other good sites, resources or important insider knowledge I most likely wouldn't know however I would appreciate you filling me in on.

    For all of those who took the time to read this far, God bless you , even if you leave no advice. Stay prayed up!

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