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  • Hello, this is my first time doing this but I've been working in Foot Locker/ House of Hoops for 4 years now and I've grown a love for the sneaker business. Ive been thinking to myself maybe I can start my own sneaker boutique and become my own boss instead of just working for a big CEO while only getting a paycheck of 2% of commission. I have written down a few business plans such as products other than sneakers i would want to sell, what brand, sell every style of shoes, What city to start the shop, how to get in contact with brand contractors, business permits, license, property tax, equipment. type of consumers. I am just looking for a way to start

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    Bro you are right at the source.

  • If you already understand the nature of the business, then the next step would be like anything else: get some money together or apply for a business loan.

  • It's going to be extremely hard getting accounts that will allow you to sell the most sought after sneakers. You can probably get an account selling all the regular styles. Even with that, the big companies won't really mess with you unless already have a brick and mortar and is proven. Plus they've been trying to cut the middle man so you can't be just a regular store.

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