How To: Following and GETTING On Release Date

  • I would appreciate if anyone can help me successfully follow and pick up on release date. I am in Minneapolis, MN, and I can't bear living without the shoes that I want! Like, can I please get my hands on a pair of UltraBOOSTS, Yeezys, and NMD's? That is all that I ask...

    Does anyone have tips for me? Or are we just making it impossible to get the sneakers that you want these days?



  • download footlocker,footaction,champssports app on your smartphone. sign up and follow the directions on how to reserve a pair. launch locator is where you can be up to date with future releases. also just browse online.

  • Thanks for the response!

  • As for Ultraboost you can find these in most commerical footwear stores (Footlockers around me have tons) unless your looking for the harder pairs to find, which knowing Minneapolis you might not have the greatest luck. For NMD's since they're constantly restocking and releasing you've got to stay vigilant for pairs you like and I would just suggest the Adidas website for these, though you have to stay on top of it and be quick I've had luck several times. Yeezys are a whole other beast and as for that everyone has their own opinion and I just happened to get lucky on a restock so I can not help with that. Hope this helps

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    Google is your friend, i saw a few deals on facebook the other day, several groups there that are good

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    People who do things on there phone typically have a higher success rate

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