Has ISS died?

  • I remember being on here every night back in like 09-10, and the forums were popping EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Now, theres constantly 2-3 days wait on a single post in here. What happened to the culture?

  • I actually am someone who left it for a while and just came back to it. I used to be on here back around the 09' time doing meet ups in soho on Lafayette or broadway multiple days a week.

  • I remember joining in August of 2009 after seeing the SpaceJams and starting to get heavily involved in the sneaker culture, and it's crazy to think ISS isn't what it used to be. I thought it would have gotten even bigger, but I guess it peaked too soon. Why did they delete all of the old posts and the flamethrower is what I really wanna know?!

  • yes :(

  • Yeah shit looks like a zombie land.

  • RIP....

  • I first joined in like 2003 and it was poppin back then. You can have a legit conversation on posts every night since the response time was quick. Shit is sad these days. This is actually my first time back since like 2013. Just thought I'd check it out.

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    been here since '06 after those '09 retro space jams dropping the whole culture changed for sneakers not sure what this site depleted with activity

  • I've been here since 06' the site has definitely changed for the worst. I remember admiring everyone's OG collection as a teenager and not being able to afford any of the heat that was going around.

  • I miss the old forum myself, I think the format change didn't help and the constant mod dictatorship of what belonged and what didn't helped kill it though I do understand why they did what they did as messages got repetitive, but there were constant newbs coming on asking questions in the wrong spot, should of let it be, and if new posts were made on same topic, should of let it be. Now it's just some little posting on the news section for me. I wonder if there are still sneaker summits going on.

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    haha I remember looking on ISS when the store had like the $9000 metallic blue ones and other cool things and the great day's when the mag first started up

    Think it's a few things... the whole sneaker thing has shifted, it used to be about peope loving sneakers because they were cool, not everyone had stuff and it was jsut an enjoyment of sneakers, seeing other peoples stuff and what was coming up, what had been etc... loads of people loving want stuff that they had back in the day, or remembered from then. Some stuff was rare, some stuff was common, but it was al good.
    now it seems that it's all about buying that limited collab shoe (that everyone else also has) and posting a pic on instabook,never ever wearing them (apart from he posing/selfie pic) and then putting n the shelf with the 500 other pairs. Its like a lot of people couldn't even care what shoe they have, so long as it was expense and show offy
    I'm sure thats a grumpy oldman generalization and not everyone is like that.
    Also a lot of people have moved on,so that plus farcebook sucks everything up, ISS is nigh on dead, so too sneakerfreaker and crooked tongues is well and truly dead.
    make me sad. I still love sneakers as much as I did 30 years ago.

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    Not sure how iss was back in the day but it defseems like a depreciated activity if ya ask me.

  • I think I started noticing the decline once the forum hit 200K members. Soon after that, it started to go down hill. Like posted above, the Moderators really helped kill the website. They tried to kill everything that they could. They succeeded. This site used to be about the love and passion of shoes, and the nostalgia and upcoming releases really glued the site together.
    Sadly, the sneaker game is all about money now. Half of the terms the kids use now a days aren't even correct. When you have to argue with a kid that a shoe that's been put on foot is NOT deadstock, and they can't understand that, I gave up.

  • Its because most have moved to twitter and use it as their main platform to discuss sneakers imo

  • Wow; Been a member since '05 and just coming back to try to get inspired in the culture again but from what I'm reading this may be the wrong place to be.

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    @reo23 where on twitter?

  • @reo23 said in Has ISS died?:

    Its because most have moved to twitter and use it as their main platform to discuss sneakers imo

    Nah man, it's cause Complex took over. Complex changed everything and kinda killed ISS

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    It died once The Flamethrower did.

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