Would you rent a jordan or sneaker with those preceding regulations?

  • Just wondering if you guys would be interested in renting jordans or sneakers with an extremely low rate with some preceding regulations?
    You can rent a sneaker for 3 days ( e.g. ) for as low as USD1.10 but you have to put a deposit that is as much as the price of the sneaker that you are going to rent . In addition , the deposit that you put can only be taken out after a year ( if you want ) . Besides , you also get an additional 5% of your deposit after 1 year .
    However , there are some conspicuous matters that worries most of the people , which are :
    a. The hygiene condition of the shoes

    • What if the shoes will be throughly cleaned and made sure that the shoes are in perfect hygiene condition before it will be rented out ? Will that still be a problem ?

    b. What if the shoes were not well-treated during renting ?

    • If the shoes are still in good condition after renting , no fees will be charged . Unfortunately , if the shoes are returned in a deplorable condition , the deposit will be forfeited .

    So basically just wondering if anyone would rent jordans or sneakers with those preceding regulations?

  • Crazy idea might appeal to the younger group

  • why would u want to rent out some shoes i understand the shoes may be expensive but......

  • Nah it's not practical

  • right @AlMamun

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