Please help

  • Hi,I'm from Turkey and i have 120 $. I'm gonna buy some sneaker or sneakers. I have two choices. First one is Nike Lunar Force Duckboot light british tan and price is 105 $ (360 TL) in Turkey
    And the second one is Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Nouveau Snakeskin and Adidas Superstar Adicolor Blue price is 135-140 $ (460 TL)

    I don't know what can i do because they are on sale. There are two of them on sale so I have to hurry to make a choice please help me. I don't have any boot. I have a vans , a converse , old jordan nubuck and old adidas mid. I like this shoes but when rain comes i dont have a sneaker to wear in rain but i wanna buy air jordan 1 pair![alt text](![image url](![image url](![image url](![image url]([image url](![link url](![image url](image url))))))))0_1479645119561_116818.jpg0_1479645138173_Nike-Lunar-Force-1-Duckboot-11.jpg0_1479645155991_Nike_AJ1_RetroHighNouv_BlkGymRedWht_1024x1024.jpg

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