LeBron 12 Sizing

  • Hey everybody - new to the forum here. Long time shoe wearer (would you believe my entire life), recently started collecting.

    I've been trying to snag a pair of the LifeStyle Challenge Red suede LeBron 12's for quite a while now and the closest to my size I've been able to find has been a ten and a half.

    The Polo sneakers I have are 9.5's, Converse pairs are 9.5-10, and the two pairs of Timbs I have are 9.5's (however my right foot would probably fit better in a 9). Also, my feet are are about ten inches long, and 4, 4.1 inches wide, with the right coming up the slightest bit wider.

    To anyone here who has a pair of these or the blues (and the on court pairs, if they fit the same): with some insoles, doubling up of thick socks and other similar life hacks will I be fine with a pair of 10.5's or will they really just be way too large?

    Much thanks;

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    they run huge

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