• I went to a Charity Auction (Brody Borlaug Foundation) in Portland the Summer of 2014. It was attended by the Vice President of the Jordan Brand at Nike and he was the person that donated these shoes to the Foundation.

    I was told that these were extremely valuable (Only Soccer/Basketball ever made) and the only pair in existence in this color combination. After further conversation with the Nike VP; I found out they were a pre production sample made for Chris Paul (hence the size 12.5).

    They are still factory laced and untouched condition.

    The label also says "Ship to BVTN"

    I kept everything that came with it: Brody Borlaug Foundation receipt, Bank statement, Brody Borlaug Foundation bag, display placard, Personal Nike Campus tour passes with Nike VP, Nike employee store passes and a pair of matching Basketball shorts that came with the shoes.

    I'm getting ready to move soon and thinking about selling them. Can anyone tell me what they might be worth and a good place to sell or consign them?

    7_1478128834669_0X2A0053.JPG 6_1478128834669_0X2A0044.JPG 5_1478128834668_0X2A0041.JPG 4_1478128834668_0X2A0033.JPG 3_1478128834668_0X2A0028.JPG 2_1478128834668_0X2A0018.JPG 1_1478128834668_0X2A0013.JPG 0_1478128834667_0X2A0004.JPG

  • @Tigers_Are_Cool These are the CP3 Brazils which are a $500-700 shoe if Deadstock

  • Thank you @The_501SknrHed -

    Does the $500 - $700 value take into account:

    1. That these shoes were never produced in this color combination and are 1 of 1? Am I correct in that these would be "Look-See"?

    2. That these Michael Jordan shoes were produced for Chris Paul and in his size of 12.5? Am I correct in that these would be "PE"?

    3. That they are labeled "Ship to BVTN"?

    4. That they have verifiable chain of command to prove authentic?

    5. Because these shoes were made for the 2014 Brazil World Cup Soccer them the only multi-sport Nike Jordans ever made? (Soccer/Basketball)

    Here is a photo of what was released making this pair, a definite 1 of a Kind.

    0_1478207445916_Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 1.16.51 PM.jpg

    Lastly, where do you suggest I sell them?
    Any help in value and suggested selling venue is very much appreciated. Thank you!

  • If u add in the fact that they are 1 of 1 they are probably worth about $850 to $1100

  • @Tigers_Are_Cool @KickCobainKicks (twitter or Instagram) will consign them they have an 85% to 15% split, and you'd probably have the money no later than Wednesday. https://mobile.twitter.com/KickCobainKicks

  • Good come up dude

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