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  • Does anyone know if there is a store like Flight club overseas? Or of there are legit websites in different countries where they have a lot of Jordans for sale, but has to be authentic? Any website suggestions or store names would be appreciated. Overseas only! Thanks

  • @HypeBeastW Anybody feel free to comment anything you think is helpful.

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    yeah there are loads, only issue you will have is that just like in the US, everyone knows about them and they sell out of stuff just as fast as the US - assuming places that sell jordans not just consiment places

    just realling off a bunch (that may not sell jordans)
    footlocker europe
    footlocker australia
    napsize (la avenue) - these would be closes to flightclub that i think flight club modeled itself off
    and ebay, just tack on the relevant country code

  • @mik_git Thank you for the info. I was wondering if i could find a place that sold jordans ( Consignments or not ) outside of US. Because i think Jordans are probably most popular in the US, so i thought it would be a better chance of getting them overseas if they're not that popular. But its just a theory.

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    10 years ago maybe, they were popular even then, but once the US guys figured out they could get them in the EU more easily than in the US... then you have the same problem.
    Put it this way Jordans are popular everywhere.

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    @mik_git Right on bruh

  • they are popular even here in mid east... aside from slim chances of getting them from local stores, srp are higher too! so you might end up to resellers which is much much higer price... :D

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