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    hey yall i have been here for 11 days and i just wanted to tell a lil bout myself a few things im black white and puerto rican i got my moms genes therefor im extra white but thats ok im a golden state fan curry is life i also like the hawks and the lakers but i love the harlem globetrotters because i have trees #30s autograph i love shoes and i have been collecting over the years my first pair of shoes were air force 1s because nelly had me stopping
    MOST IMPORTANT : my name is chasity vasquez but i get my nickname lil chat from my friends and my love of spitting bars on any one including a few teachers and my bus driver who i had in middle school whos nickname was joey and was said in an australian accent although our asses were ghetto and still are im from chicago but now live in georgia if you have ever seen me before its probably because of my rapping background and modeling but yea hope you enjoy these pictures that mean alot to me for no apparent reasons 0_1477800732550_IMG_20161029_200059_1.jpg 0_1477800749355_IMG_20161027_145009_1.jpg 0_1477800758596_IMG_20161029_200139.jpg 0_1477800776594_IMG_20161029_200155.jpg 0_1477800800510_IMG_20161029_200216.jpg 0_1477800818620_IMG_20161029_200247_1.jpg 0_1477800838606_IMG_20161029_200435_1.jpg 0_1477800855364_IMG_20161024_185933.jpg 0_1477800869954_IMG_20161024_145347_2.jpg 0_1477800887023_IMG_20161017_100757.jpg 0_1477800896361_IMG_20161017_100813.jpg 0_1477800907517_IMG_20161001_224747.jpg 0_1477800926479_artworks-000153824489-7496yr-t500x500.jpg 0_1477800939444_avatars-000198676673-u8cgeb-t500x500.jpg 0_1477800960547_lil-yatchty-designer-enze-urr-lil-uzi-vert-kodak-black-2992282.png 0_1477800974543_adidas mi Superstar Shoes | adidas US.png 0_1477800987130_IMG_20160928_134129.jpg [0_1477801034977_jogger day](Uploading 100%)

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