GOLDEN NINJA - Nike Classic Leather Sneaker - Size 9

  • Hey ! I just signed up. I have never posted my sneakers anywhere. I am a Traditional Japanese Artist that does some Sneaker paintings and Custom Sneakers: I wanted to share with you one of my custom sneakers. About 30 Hours of work. Not including the photoshoot and promotional illustration.

    alt text

    11_1477013740702_P1270295_WEB.jpg 10_1477013740701_P1270294_WEB.jpg 9_1477013740701_P1270293_WEB.jpg 8_1477013740700_P1270291_WEB.jpg 7_1477013740700_P1270270_WEB.jpg 6_1477013740700_P1260414_1_WEB.jpg 5_1477013740699_P1260412_1_WEB.jpg 4_1477013740699_P1260408_1_WEB.jpg 3_1477013740699_P1260404_1_WEB.jpg 2_1477013740699_P1250595_WEB.jpg 1_1477013740699_P1250593_WEB.jpg 0_1477013740698_P1250592_WEB.jpg


  • Nice theme. If it were me , I'd completely colour tghe swoosh gold as some of the stitching is gold and some isn't but nice customs!

  • Thanks RunDMB, I used tape and carefully tried to not get any paint on the stitching, but in the end it was there and I couldn't do much to fix it. Well truthfully, I didn't want to put in any more time to fix it.

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