Sneaker Beginner

  • Is there any tell tale signs of when a sneaker is worth grabbing?

  • the blogs here and just observe if its limited release .thats also a good give away

  • what would it say and where by a limited release sneaker?

  • When you read about a certain sneaker release, it usually says its a limited release sneaker.
    right now the yeezys are hot the adidas nmd pw editions are hot to grab on now. just some examples .

  • There is a story behind every shoe.

  • Follow the Hype or just go off your personal preference

  • if the tag on a retro jordan says made in china does that mean that its fake?

  • as a new sneaker head its gonna be tough with all the bots for you to be getting all the hyped sneakers. you need some kind of source or just even get lucky. depending on your age there is a story behind every shoe "QUOTE" @bushwickkid said. you want to know why your buying the sneaker instead of ruining it for the real sneaker heads. for example, just like the new generation they buy all the Jordans and don't know what it means to growing up in that era of Michael Jordan not to hate on any.

    it doesn't necessarily mean made in china there fake, its a matter of trial and error and gaining experience going through pairs and learning what it means to be in the sneaker game. your gonna run into fakes b grades and all types of madness. wanting to be in the sneaker game is like a job. but your headed the right way by asking questions. if you need more advice ask. good luck.

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