Conducting research on footwear and will appreciate your feedback

  • Please take the time to answer the questions with thoughtful answers. Thank you so much for your time. Much appreciated.

    • What type of shoes do you buy? Why? What is the purpose of these shoes?

    • How many shoes do you buy a year?

    • How much do you spend on a pair of shoes? How much do you think you spend a year?

    • What is your favorite shoe brand? Why?

    • Do you keep the boxes the shoes came with? Why?

    • Do you have storage difficulties with your shoes? Explain.

    • How does wearing shoes make you feel?

    • Have you regret buying a pair of shoes? Why and what shoes are they?

    • Does trends impact the shoes you buy?

    • If you had to design a shoe, what would it be? What would it have? How would it look like? How would it be different than the shoes out in the market today?

  • nikes casual/running/basketball shoes , i like the variety that they provide . everyday purpose


    highest i ever spent was 230 on Adidas ironically. north of 1k easy

    nike. We the best

    YES . very important to have the box idk why

    I stack them nicely so not yet


    nope i take alot of thought into why i buy shoes...i regret not taking care of some shoes

    not really , i never jumped on the jordan wave but the adidas waves has peaked my interest

    No clue . good question but i dont have an answer

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