Nike Dunk High Heels - What/Where?!?!

  • Maybe this is the wrong site/category to ask this, but...

    I remember seeing images of "Nike Dunk High Heels" on Google images and a few sites around the net. This was a few years back - nowadays the only images you can easily find are low res dealer thumbnails, usually from a dis-reputable source...

    alt text

    Do/did these shoes even exist?! Every website I come across claiming to sell them is some fake-ass overseas bullshit trying to run a scam... I don't see them on Ebay, Amazon, or any legit site I know of... Nor do I see any pictures of the shoes with the box, on somebody's feet, or anything that would suggest that anybody actually owns them??!?! Did Nike actually manufacture any of these shoes, or are they just a wet-dream concocted by internet scammers? How tf can I get my hands on a legit pair?

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