8th January 2013 19:14
To MODs: I'm well aware of the reporting procedure...but since seller never "agreed" to transaction, I can't report him the proper way.

To Everyone Else: stay away from seller william177. He is inconsistent with messaging and will only respond when the threat of involving Paypal is issued. Not only is his shipping times a joke...he also sells FAKES! I recently purchased a pair of "Thunder" 4s from this guy...and this dude had the nerve to send:

-a completely bogus pair of shoes
-a box WITHOUT the size label
-No hang tag
-Transparent wrapping (instead of the standard solid black)

Again, stay away from this guy, REGARDLESS of the feedback.
9th January 2013 11:20
If you can provide tagged pictures, a ban can be placed if necessary. Please PM me.