is Western Union safe?

6th February 2012 22:52
so im doing a deal on iss and i want to know if its safe for me and the buyer. im selling an item and i never tried western union as receiving payment. i was wondering if there was any scams that buyers do with western union? i just wanna know thanks!
6th February 2012 23:25
i wouldnt reccomend it most people wont pay with it
6th February 2012 23:28
im not paying for it, im seling a shoe and the buyer is paying me with western so i just asked him to pay paypal and he said he dont got paypal. He wants to pay western union? this is really weird man
6th February 2012 23:55
Yeah. You need a admin opinion. But what it looks like. Let him send you the money and when you get it. Ship out the package.
7th February 2012 01:48
is this a western union money order or a transfer?
7th February 2012 02:26
I wouldn't do Western Union...too many other options such as paypal to pay...wire transfer, bank transfer...western union is pretty stone age.
7th February 2012 07:01
HELL NO! I was just involved in a scam recently and it was through western union. So no. Paypal is the way to go
7th February 2012 07:10
There's no buyer protection or anything of that sort with Western Union. It's main business is sending money overseas to friends/family as a gift or for financial support. There's no confirmation that the receiver receives the payment or not. If a buyer is offering to pay with it, that's their decision but know that a seller can walk away with the money if they so please.

I will say I once bought sneakers off ISS paying through WU with one transaction as big as $1.2k USD (split into two smaller transactions). As a buyer, you just need to do your research on the seller. As the seller, there's no risk.

Western Union fees are quite high though IMO. PayPal preferred.
7th February 2012 12:46
I am a legit seller with 236 positive feedback... I do not take Paypal cuz I dnt have one... I use usps money order, western union or money gram check or deposit... I recommend it... Its safe specially if u are the one receiving the payment
7th February 2012 17:57
I've used Western Union numerous times and have not had a problem