Official +++ Horrible Rap Lines/Lyrics? +++ Thread

14th November 2012 03:38
suk a nigga dik for sum trunkfit- the genius himself

15th November 2012 22:37
this thread make me muhfuckin die whoday lololol
18th November 2012 04:28
"its so hot up in the club I aint got no shoes on"
18th November 2012 20:01
"its so hot up in the club I aint got no shoes on"

ay bay bay , ay bay bay
10th December 2012 02:20
I got some for y'all... All from the same song.

"I say I'm high like giraffe cock, leanin' with the fo' pound.
Bullets like seraquil, maka nigga slow down.
Strapped lika seatbelt, ready for the showdown.
Pop the top off the brick of bo, then po' down
Catch you on the late night, knock you and your hoe down.
Wolfin' all that shit, but you bleedin' on the flo' now"

"Still yellin' GD, shootin' like Rambo.
Movin' like commando. Killin' 'cause it's mando.
Black gucci hando, maka nigga scrambo.
Putcho hands up, if you move you gettin' blammed on!
Ringin' lika smartphone, you niggas is softies.
Blow yo legs off with this choppa for trynna cross me!"

Lavish D. I fux with my Sac nigga though!
10th December 2012 02:26
"I got so much money, I can't get no richer.
I'm trynna knocka hoe so I'm huntin' for yo sista.
I'm big lika giant, you lil like Richard.
I shine like glitter, watch how I get'er.
I'mma real boss nigga I ain't gotta hit'er.
I got'er in LA like she play for the Clippers.
She gimme all the money then she reach for my zipper.
Diamond glass slipper. Remind me to send'er.
Black bitch from Africa, I call the hoe Kenya.
She stay shootin' for me, knockin' chunks outcho fenda."

Still Lav, still that same one song...
10th December 2012 02:31
"She stay down on'er knees.
I keepa buzz like bees.
I'm never bitin' like fleas.
I stay high like trees.
I stay fresh like febreeze.
Deadly lika disease."

Lavish D, different song though HA!
10th December 2012 02:37
"Gotta habit pushin' crack, yes I'm inna pushin' O's.
When I'm whippin' in the kitchen, you can smell it on my clothes.
Fuckin' witta rich nigga, better have some pretty toes."

10th December 2012 03:36
haha wooo
Weezy - I eat her ice cream, she eat my ice cream cone

11th December 2012 02:14
UnHype Beast:
gucci mane: 4-5 desert eagle on me you think im an eagles fan