Official +++ Horrible Rap Lines/Lyrics? +++ Thread

2nd June 2012 09:36 is one...Ali on Nelly's Grillz song " you can spot them on da top in da a bill in my mouth like I'm Hillary Rodham"...just horrible for so many reasons lmao...
2nd June 2012 21:08
Any king simp khalifa song.
2nd June 2012 21:15
lil wayne- "I got chip from trying to get the whole cookie, used to make a thousand dollars everytime I played hookie'
2nd June 2012 22:09
Lil Wayne "My girl a faggot."
Wtf is this?Smh.
2nd June 2012 22:25
Canibus-2nd round knockout
"You may have more cash than me, but you don't have the skills to eat a nigga's ass like me."

I think he's a great lyricist but he doesn't get a pass for this one smh...
3rd June 2012 00:43
Google Waka Flocka.
3rd June 2012 01:12
gucci mane: 4-5 desert eagle on me you think im an eagles fan
6th June 2012 23:35 was really hard 2 narrow lines from Plies down because everything he writes is truly " rob yo pussy ass"...lines "As Soon U Think Shit Gravy Get Cha Ass Flipped
Im Tryna Putcha In The Newspaper Off The RIP" does this guy have a fan base?......
7th June 2012 22:32
Weezy - I eat her ice cream, she eat my ice cream cone
7th June 2012 22:51
shawty going ham, upgrade from bologna