Official: Billionaire Boys Club

12th February 2013 15:14
Been a BBC fan for a while. Heard they're bringing back more arch hoodies cant wait.
12th February 2013 15:17
Agree with the Japan stuff having better quality. It was also higher priced. BBC has become more affordable over the past years and a lot of mixed feelings about that.
13th February 2013 18:38
BBC is doing a lot of cool things the BEE line also has some nice pieces.
15th February 2013 21:52
Not liking the route the original is taking nowadays but the BEE line looks very promising
18th February 2013 04:47
i still rock them! really nice the brand!
20th February 2013 05:27
Gear is nice but I don't see why it's so expensive?
24th February 2013 17:36

Gear is nice but I don't see why it's so expensive?

hype and quality for the most part
27th February 2013 21:05
They still have this?
1st March 2013 08:06
BBC is coming with some hot stuff. I know 1st hand.

You OG Heads will love it
1st March 2013 09:57
Not a fan of the stuff made in mexico. Got a sweater from fall12 and did not like the fit at all. Wonder how the new arch hoodies for 13' fit.