Official: Billionaire Boys Club

31st May 2012 03:35
anyone still rockin them? i feel like theyre going down the BAPE path but i still love BBC... theirs tops are amazing lol
31st May 2012 04:39
down the bape path?
you truly make no sense

bbc died last year with this new crap after their last season
everything they come out with now is bullcrap

and there is a bbc thread within the bape thread

the only people who buys recent bbc now are teen hipsters
31st May 2012 04:40
They dead.... I use to rock them alot and I still have alot of stuff by them ... I just feel like its not the same anymore
31st May 2012 04:56
By the bape path I mean dying need to jump down my throat lol I just don't see many people rocking it anymore but they're basic stuff is still alright to me
31st May 2012 16:23
I'm new to the BBC brand, I hit up their store a few weeks ago got a couple sweatshirts, t's, black varsity jacket, and a pair of jeans. I'm happy with the sweatshirts they fit me well and have nice designs. T-shirts have clean/simple designs which I like. The varsity jacket is really dope, but it's been too warm to wear it.
31st May 2012 16:36
Yeah I like the simplicity sometimes. I'm perfectly fine w BBC but by the looks of threads I've seen most people aren't
31st May 2012 18:56
BAPE is still alive.
31st May 2012 19:32
fyi - some people on this forum will find a way to hate on anything, especially if its sold on karmaloop

personally, when it comes to anything not related to Nike, i'ma cheap bastard, so i wait UNTIL shit gets on karmaloop to buy it

tbh if you stick with their basic stuff that's probably a good buy. if u try to get any of their new attempts at being "trendy" that's when ya lost.
31st May 2012 20:29
True. That's why I just stick w the basic "billionaire boys club" logo tees.
1st June 2012 01:18
BBC is still living, buy it's coming out with straight trash now. As soon as it wasn't made in Japan anymore lol. It went from Japan, to USA, and now it's made in Mexico...They're selling some stock for 25 bucks. I used to love it but it seems like there's just kids with their 2011 black cements rocking the black with red arch logo tee lol