adidas Basketball '12-'13 and '13-'14 seasons

1st July 2012 02:17
feel free to share your insights in the next season's line-up or the past season's greats. a little bit of original/performance (non basketball) side of adidas and other brands is welcome.

big no-no's
live ebay links
fake stuff (unless stated or made fun of)
flaming (no exceptions).

adidas '11-'12
1st July 2012 02:26
Those mint crazy lights are looking good.
1st July 2012 03:18
adipower howard 3

1st July 2012 03:42
i posted the official pics from shopadidas... once the rose and howards get theirs.. i will update the front page
1st July 2012 03:45
adipower howard 3

Not a fan of the looks of the howard 3. Especially when compared to the 2's
1st July 2012 03:56
im starting to like the ghost 2
1st July 2012 04:16
^yeap! the new construction looks sleeker.

@urriah, in case you wanna add some pics of the promodel 0 2012, blacklotus got some. would it be possible to source it from there?
1st July 2012 06:26
hi Guys.. this is my 1st post.. been a silent reader for the whole time.. :p
just wanted to show u guys this photo i got from the wolves website


Looks like my Man Ricky already got his CL2..!;D

and I also have a question, do You see the black stitches on the tongue, it digs to my feet, it hurts!do anyone here have the same problem? how do U resolve this problem?

oh, and this is my CL2

sorry for the crappy picture..
1st July 2012 07:42
New thread!!!! Yesssss....
1st July 2012 07:46
Good job Urriah!!!