a few of my favs

26th February 2013 02:21
im quick to admit thats the sickest collection lol
28th February 2013 03:17

damn homie sick ass collection!!
28th February 2013 03:19
good job,,where in the hell did u get all those Exclusive???
1st March 2013 00:19

1st March 2013 03:05
i dont even know what to say... this collection is head and shoulders above anything i've seen. i wasnt even aware of some of these colorways!

great collection... size US10 like me too!
1st March 2013 05:55
sick collection
6th March 2013 23:59
collection is so sick your colldection is worth over 100k
7th March 2013 00:36
i cant believe your collection its so amazing your so lucky
8th March 2013 17:25
29th March 2013 11:17