a few of my favs

1st November 2012 19:44
Depeche23Mode Da Gawd.

13th November 2012 00:06
if you that whole metallic pack...
16th November 2012 16:10
so MUCH heat
17th November 2012 18:25
This is where I want to get to... Not Quantity but straight HEAT!!! Dope shyt bruh
20th November 2012 17:27
the heat
20th November 2012 22:38
Wow! Just Wow! You must have some serious connections just to get hold of one or two of the pairs you have, that many is just incredible!
22nd November 2012 18:52
Dude .. Ridiculous. Like how?
26th December 2012 23:46
I love everything except the rainbow 11s
27th December 2012 22:08
wow my jaw just hit the floor thats nice collection love all the 3s and nice blackout 5s
28th December 2012 21:51
holy crap, so much heat, awesome