Wipeout123 COllections:lebron X denim, hazel, cork

19th January 2012 23:48
Lebron Galaxy

26th February 2012 00:20

26th February 2012 00:36
nice pickups
26th February 2012 02:10
Dope pickups man. I wish I could have at least picked up one from the Galaxy pack.
27th February 2012 18:36
collections nice as hell loving the porches in the background
29th February 2012 05:45
respect ! keep it up!!
29th February 2012 20:33
nice collection the bin 13s are dope
3rd March 2012 04:29
aww man the custom porche 6s r for u. nice collection
4th March 2012 00:49
Bin 13s and a Porch
18th March 2012 21:51