Wide Foot Basketball player

6th January 2013 03:01
Also, does Under Armour still make the Bloodlines? I can't find any of them on sale.

It's off their site, I'd assume eBay is your best best. Also, the Kobe VIII is the most comfortable balling kicks I've worn in awhile. In a us10.5 it feels so good in action now its tough for me to use any other shoe. Definitely try that on!
15th January 2013 08:07
I'm US9.5 with EE feet, and have the same issues with you. I've found that Under Armour kicks have the truest to fit for wide footers, simply cos their forefoot fit is wider than Nike's or Adidas'.

For comparisons, I wear US10 to US10.5 for most Adidas balling kicks, from the Rose 1.0 to 3.0, with the 3.0 giving me the most comfortable fit in a US10. This could be a great option, as the Rose 3 is an excellent shoe for guard-oriented play, or if you're a predominantly slashing-type of player.

I wear a US9.5 for my Under Armour Bloodlines; best in length and width, and the Micro G cushioning is excellent. Another great option!

Nike's I normally have to wear a US10.5, and most of them (Kobe VI, VII, Hyperdunk 2012 lows etc) are very narrow. The only ones that I can wear without pain are the Hyperfuse 2010 (US10), and most Lebrons (VI to IX in US10).

I really like the Lebrons... you think 13.5 might work for me? I'm also checking out the Under Armour ones, but I like the look of the Nikes more.

The Lebron VIII PS and the IX are th only ones I've played in (the VI is more for casual wear) and in comparison I find the forefoot wider than the other Nike basketball lines. Like I said I can normally go half size down from 10.5 to 10 and still be ok. If your normal size is 13, 13.5 in Lebrons should be ok. But it'll still b best if you could try them on, if that option is available

I don't really have anywhere to try them on. What's your opinion on the KD Vs?
24th January 2013 00:54
Mate, sorry for the late reply. I've not tried the KD V's, cos I don't like how the line has progressed with the Max Air at the heel.
25th January 2013 01:04
Bought the Kobe 8s in 13.5 for my 13 2E foot... They fit great. Thanks man!
25th January 2013 02:20
Bought the Kobe 8s in 13.5 for my 13 2E foot... They fit great. Thanks man!

My fav of the bunch right now as well, enjoy them!
12th February 2013 15:43
A lot of people I know with wide feet wear J's
19th February 2013 16:40
Try the Nike Air Max HyperAggressor. They are good for people with wide feet, and you can find them for under $90 at some places.

+1 for Nike Air Max HyperAggressors

I have a really wide foot and have had trouble finding a ball shoe. The HyperAggressors are really light. Usually I have to go up a 1/2 size to an 11 or 11.5, but with these I was actually able to wear a 10.5. Very reasonably priced as well.
31st March 2013 07:50
I used to ball in lebron 3s and 4s, and they were pretty wide.
31st March 2013 17:38
thanks for all the good info guys
4th April 2013 01:47
Honestly, the most comfortable shoe I've ever played basketball in are Lebron IIs. I know they are an older model and will probably be tough to find for a decent price. But the double stacked zoom unit is nearly unrivaled. Pure beauty on foot, and they run fairly wide. Hope this helps