Why are Foamposites such a big deal in D.C.?

3rd September 2011 09:06
This is something I've always wanted to know. I know Penny is not from D.C. and he has never played there so why are Foamposites such a big deal in D.C.? Give me some insight....
3rd September 2011 09:31
Maybe cause Wale reps em? I am not entirely sure. I'm curious to read the answer as well.
3rd September 2011 11:07
It has nothing to with Wale, even tho he is somewhat to blame for new found hype...Foamposites have always been popular in the DMV. Not only Foams, but Flightposites too. We were the only ones rocking Foams back in the day (late 90's/early 2000's), before all these hop-ons came along. It's ridiculous what hype has done to foams where damn near every release sells out almost instantly. I remember copping my Pearls on sale in '03 for $79.99 @ Shoe City. The hype started with the '09 Eggplants, before that the only GR Foamposite that sold out instantly was the '07 Royals. I remember seeing the Cactus' and Varsity Reds on sale for $89.99 back in '07, now people are paying $200-$300 for em, it's crazy. Basically, Foams/Flights have always been popular here, no where near where they are now, but we have always rocked em, even back when people were calling them ugly.
3rd September 2011 12:22
Wrong place for this fascinating topic