What to do after you get fake kicks?

4th January 2013 10:07
Give them as a gift to someone who will feel good until someone else points out they fake lol
4th January 2013 10:12
Damn I'm happy your not my friend lol that's fucked up and they gone get played cause of your gift
5th January 2013 06:21
wear them and watch all the hypebeast drool. HAHAHA
5th January 2013 06:46
Damn what's sad he right the way the sneaker game so fucked up they couldn't even tell if they fake or not
8th January 2013 21:25
donate them
8th January 2013 21:46
Donate them to who
9th January 2013 02:16
I would just give the to charity or be creative and customize them
9th January 2013 03:09
Yea I would customize and them give them away to then they will be unique
10th January 2013 19:39
give them away to thrift store or donate it
some people dont got shoes
its would put a smile on their face and it would on u 2
10th January 2013 21:16
What I would is customize the shoe or get creative with them and turn nothing into something , or just give them to charity.