What to do after you get fake kicks?

9th May 2012 02:36
I'm pretty sure i got beat for a pair of galaxy kobe's. what should i do with them, can i resell somewhere to somebody? I'm not looking to destroy them i guess if anything ill wear them to beat around. Any suggestions on how to get some money back?
9th May 2012 03:11
if you paid through paypal, not as a gift, then you can file a claim. if ebay, you can file a claim through there. if local purchase, just threaten dude with the cops (its illegal to sell fake shit) and maybe throw his number, name, address and shit out there so other people can annoy him to death until he finally just gives them back.

If not, donate them to a thrift store for a little cash or something, or if you want use them as beaters (although i never would)
9th May 2012 13:35
Been through that best thing i did was just the the L as a sneaker collector and sold them for cheapen then what i paid for
9th May 2012 17:47
LOL. don't sell them cause that's scamming too. Just donate them or give them to a homeless
10th May 2012 01:25
hunt down the kid who sent them to me. if no result, ill sell them to some kid who doesn't know shit about shoes lol
10th May 2012 02:09
Yeah defintely don't sell them and keep the chain of scamming going
10th May 2012 12:55
sell em to a hypebeast. It's the circle of life
12th May 2012 02:17
Dont sell them if there fake
17th May 2012 04:20
fire up your BBQ grill and let them cook like fajitas
17th May 2012 08:35
Dont sell fakes !. Donate them or burn em