What sneakers are most comfortable for you?

18th February 2013 22:09
I heard AM90's are really comfortable
19th February 2013 03:26
Air maxs. Jordans arent as comfortable
19th February 2013 17:12
Well just to talk around in are my Foamposites and my Air Max+, that big air pocket is so nice!! For balling in, my adiZero Rose 2.5 Playoffs are so comfortable.
19th February 2013 19:46
AF1 and SB Dunks
19th February 2013 20:34
yo mycarsgone:
Jordan XIIIs, VIIIs IXs are really comfortable.

20th February 2013 04:32
20th February 2013 04:43
20th February 2013 06:40
i have to say the varsity red 6!
20th February 2013 14:41
Anythin Hurache,I have no idea why but those shoes are the best.
20th February 2013 15:38
any of the lunars in my opinion are great, very comfortable!