What sneakers are most comfortable for you?

27th November 2008 18:46
Im looking for the most comfortable sneaker that you don't have to be paranoid about creasing, scuffs etc
basically running shoes but im looking for more
help me out guys
27th November 2008 19:02
AM90s are really comfortable!
27th November 2008 19:10
Give a try at the Lunar Trainer. Heard mad reviews about them.
27th November 2008 19:24
any shoe with suede tends not to crease
29th November 2008 03:03
Jordan XIIIs, VIIIs IXs are really comfortable.
29th November 2008 03:15
asics gel lyte III
29th November 2008 03:18
hmm barkleys are very comfortable 2 me as well as Jordan 10s
29th November 2008 03:41
Most Comfortable hmm? Running shoes of course. NewBalance first off light shoes but to get in-style with it as well AM-90's and AM-95's.
29th November 2008 04:35
AM90's or some dunk SB's
29th November 2008 06:27
Air Zoom Flight 96s FTW