What do you want to do before you die?

3rd December 2012 07:34
What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?

My list of 100 things I want to achieve, while I'm still able, before I die.

“Do it now, because life is too short.”

Hey! My name is Dalton Christopher, and after watching the MTV show “The Buried Life”, I was inspired to create my own list of 100 things I want to do before I die. I am 19 years old, a freshman at Eastern Kentucky University, and a 2012 Graduate of Mercer County Senior High School. As on the show, for every item I cross of my list, I want to help someone else cross something off theirs. There is no time table for this list, the list ends when my time on Earth ends. I do realize a lot of the things on the list seem unrealistic, but I believe anything is possible, and I might as well try. I realize life is short, and I want to try to live a life worth living, and help someone do the same. If anyone could help me with any of these items, I’d greatly appreciate it, and would be glad to do my best to help you complete something on yours. My email is d_b_c_1993@hotmail.com.

“It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live.”
― Victor Hugo,

Dalton Christopher

1. Be interviewed on the news.
2. Be featured on the cover of a newspaper/magazine.
3. Play basketball/meet with Michael Jordan.
4. Ride every roller coaster that you said you’d never ride.
5. Volunteer for a completely non-profit cause.
6. Attend an NBA Finals game, but only if Miami is playing.
7. Meet the President of the United States.
8. Visit every state, at least once.
9. Be on one of the billboards in Times Square.
10. Be a commentator for a basketball game.
11. Go inside the statue of liberty.
12. Give a complete stranger $100.
13. Pay off someone’s debt/layaway/etc.
14. Help someone reunite with a lost loved one.
15. Be a Radio Talk Show host for one show.
16. Have one last Friday Night Guys Group, with all the guys, one to remember.
17. Give back to my hometown.
18. Visit South Beach, FL.
19. Go to Burning Man.
20. New Year’s Eve in Times Square.
21. Meet the guys that inspired this, the Buried Life guys.
22. Be on WWE Raw.
23. Design a Nike shoe.
24. Give something that means a lot to me, to someone who means a lot to me.
25. Play basketball in Rupp Arena.
26. Be a Guest Star in a popular TV Show.
27. Be in a Movie.
28. Help someone come to Christ.
29. Teach someone something they will use the rest of their life.
30. Be applauded by over 10,000 people.
31. Help a military family.
32. Greet a soldier when they return from service at the airport.
33. Help build something that will help those in need.
34. Buy a brand new car.
35. Ride in a helicopter.
36. Ride on a “Go-Fast” Boat, just like in Miami Vice.
37. Buy that Daytona Spyder, also just like in Miami Vice.
38. Buy a house with my own money, no loans.
39. Own a shop.
40. Have a drink (Non-Alcoholic) named after me.
41. Help rebuild in a storm damaged city or community.
42. Save someone’s life.
43. Visit a random stranger in jail, and just give them someone to talk to.
44. Help a close friend in need.
45. Help a complete stranger accomplish their dream.
46. Do something for my old school.
47. Visit an abandoned amusement park/mall.
48. Give a stranger a full tank of gas, for free.
49. Protest for something I believe in.
50. Write a book.
51. Have that book published.
52. Go to Toys R Us, and buy a random family all the toys they need for their family for Christmas.
53. Go on a mission trip.
54. Tell my story.
55. Give a speech.
56. Speak at a Youth Rally.
57. Drive cross country with the people that mean the most.
58. Give someone a much needed vacation.
59. Go camping.
60. If I ever won the lottery, give ¾ of it away.
61. Be the Grand Marshall in a parade.
62. Open the evening news.
63. Earn a college degree.
64. Buy a family their groceries.
65. Cut the tape at an opening or event.
66. Get front row tickets to the concert of my favorite band.
67. Hit a game winning shot.
68. Be someone’s hero.
69. Be the best parent I could ever be one day.
70. Get married to the girl of my dreams.
71. Be interviewed in a major publication.
72. Have an action figure of myself.
73. Be on a billboard in my hometown.
74. Make my hometown proud.
75. Say Thank You to everyone who helped me along the way.
76. Learn to forgive and forget.
77. Make my family proud.
78. Just be there for someone, when they need it.
79. Learn how to manage my money better.
80. Drive, and not go to any particular place.
81. Give money to charity.
82. Help a kid have the birthday party of a lifetime.
83. To the teen out there that needs someone, be there.
84. Perfect my jump shot.
85. Go to a Miami Heat game.
86. Meet LeBron James.
87. Meet LeBron James, (Yeah, I said it twice).
88. Give someone a job.
89. Travel to all the major US Cities.
90. Go to the Michael Jordan statue outside of the United Center in Chicago.
91. Win an award/Championship.
92. Be a positive influence on someone’s life.
93. Meet Hulk Hogan.
94. Help Coach a UK Basketball Game.
95. Visit all the kids with cancer, and help give them a good day.
96. Be the leader of an organization.
97. Motivate someone to stay in school.
98. Go picking with American Pickers.
99. See all of the United States’ natural attractions, (i.e. Grand Canyon)
100. Inspire someone to start their own list.

What do you want to do before you die?
3rd December 2012 17:30
I would never put this much thought into this question. It's actually a little depressing. But for sure, I'd love to look at the earth from space.
3rd December 2012 18:15
4th December 2012 01:10
Sky dive or swim with whales
4th December 2012 03:42
I would never put this much thought into this question. It's actually a little depressing. But for sure, I'd love to look at the earth from space.

From my perspective, it would be far more depressing to be at the end of life realizing that I never did everything while I could.
4th December 2012 03:45
Good luck OP

I want to win the lottery
5th December 2012 17:34
Woah those are too high standards you're setting lmao you won't get 25 of those
5th December 2012 23:04
^^^ wow you went hard up there i dont think the president wouldnt be able to do all those things
6th December 2012 01:40
haha nice idea thought. You're out of your mind if you think you can do all of that lol
6th December 2012 04:08
Good luck OP

I want to win the lottery


& I would want to fix all the problems in the marketplace lol