What SB's Are REALLY Worth It?

24th January 2013 22:07
pink and silver boxes for sure
25th January 2013 00:26
Skunks are worth it
25th January 2013 00:26
Also chech and chongs
25th January 2013 03:05
supreme high
25th January 2013 03:46
I Think The Peacocks and Mama Bears are worth it
28th January 2013 02:30
i think the high price the skunks command are worth it the materials are way dope not something you see a lot and you can tell some serious thought went into them
28th January 2013 04:30
I just copped skunks for 360. Didn't regret one min of it
28th January 2013 17:58
MF Dooms, and Baby Bears are definitely worth their price
29th January 2013 06:38
About to cop MF DOOMs for 300 shipped and I KNOW I won't regret
29th January 2013 06:42
Unkles for me. Even if its a pink shoe, just goes well. The detailing and leather is unreal. Comfortable at the same time. Cant go wrong with that. Plus I only paid 250 for my vnds pair