What SB's Are REALLY Worth It?

6th January 2010 08:25
Dang, been a while since I made a thread here. Lately I've been looking back on the years since NSB first released. It's been a journey through the near decade of the brand going public. My question for you is, knowing the general costs of SB's, which ones are REALLY worth the price tag.

Feel free to post pictures, prices you feel are more appropriate, and/or shoes that are overpriced. Keep it saucy.

*Worth the Price*

Shoe - Paris Dunk
Price - $3,000-5,000

Shoe - Goofy Boy Dunk
Price - $70-100

Shoe - Tiffany Dunk
Price - $450-600

Shoe - Dunkle
Price - $375-500

Shoe - SBTG Dunk
Price - $275-375


Shoe - Flash Dunk
Price - $350-450

Shoe - Day of the Dead Dunk
Price - $300-450

Shoe - De La Soul (Hi) Dunk
Price - $300-400

Shoe - Tokyo Dunk
Price - $1,200-$1750

Shoe - Forbes Dunk
Price - $300-400

6th January 2010 08:36
I think Sabotages are definitely worth the price. Quality and level of detail are absolutely superb.
6th January 2010 08:41
i think takashi 2's are worth the price, nice/clean/simple/ and love the metallic swoosh and the detailed engraving on the back heel.

i think jpacks are over priced. simple like the flashes above ^^^
but damn, cmon, $200-$225?

id rather get jordan phat 1's (royals) and call it a day lol
6th January 2010 08:58
honestly i think all sbs are over priced.
like i dont get the difference between like vamps and true reds.
they released in the same time. they are practically the same except the about $100 difference.
wackkk sauce
6th January 2010 09:02
i think de la's are worth it..
6th January 2010 09:20
Over Priced: $500-$550

Price was obtained from ISS Ultimate SB Price Check Thread Pic Ed. - Update Blazers!
6th January 2010 11:50
^^^^ I wouldn't threw out that much money for those kicks.
6th January 2010 12:52
Worth the Price : Trail ends
nice CW, good quality and cheap !
imo, it's probably the most underrated SB

6th January 2010 13:09
Unkles are worth the price with it's design.
Tokyos are overpriced because it's just plain cream colored.
6th January 2010 13:47
Tokyos are overpriced

I also think that the lodens are overpriced

IMO Bandaids are under priced