What JORDAN are you on the Hunt For?

20th June 2011 22:39
This is something that everyone seems to start a topic of so here it goes.. Have fun with it.

No Buying/Selling/Trading in here. We have a Marketplace for that.

Abuse this and it is gone. Include pics. Google Image Search is a great resource. Utilize it.
20th June 2011 22:43

20th June 2011 22:47
Man I have a 3 foot long list lol.
But mainly I'm lookin for ::
Banned 1s (Sz 11) I would trade my size 10s for these (SIZE SWAP)
DMP 6s
Space Jams

Oh yeah and I'm strung out on the Raging Bull V Pack!!!
20th June 2011 22:49
Man i really want some playoff 12's before the end of the year preferably the '04 pair but i'll take some og's if i can get em and some cememt 3's cause i couldn't purchase them during the release day
20th June 2011 22:52
Im lookim for some laser 5s under 200$
20th June 2011 22:55
One of the only pair of samples that I really want.

20th June 2011 22:59
I've been searching for these ds sz 12 for the longest everytime I find a pair on eBay or something I get outbid at the very last second hope I can get them soon

20th June 2011 23:00
Black DMP 5s. I sold half my DMP set a few months ago, and I've regretted it ever since. Trying to put my box back together now.

I'm also looking for Bulls 6s. I know there are a lot out there, but I would prefer not to pay retail.

Besides that, there's really nothing I'm dying to have... I've got all the shoes I really wanted as of now.
20th June 2011 23:02

20th June 2011 23:02
DS carmine 6s size 9
DS raging bull 5s size 9