What Did You Wear Today? August 2011!

1st August 2011 15:22
August 2011- What Did You Wear Today?

Remember, do not chat in here.

if you post in here. Post either :
A) a fit.
B) a comment about what someone else is wearing.

Nothing else. this is not the place to start a conversation.

The Rules:

  • Flaming belongs in the Flame Thrower forum ONLY. Not here! Any personal attacks are strictly prohibited within this thread. Constructive criticism is encouraged, but meaningless attacks are not allowed. We have a strict no tolerance rule against all "flaming." Continued negativity will be watched.
    If a comment is more appropriate for the FT, post it in there. Blatant attacks will result in immediate suspension.

    Likewise, members are expected to take all comments in stride, and to not become defensive when someone comments on their post. Any members who divert from the purpose of this thread will be handled accordingly. In general, if you are unsure whether a comment would be considered inflammatory or not, do NOT post it!

  • Authentic only. Please do not post counterfeit Bape, counterfeit Nikes, counterfeit anything. This includes clothing. We take a firm stance against any fake products, not just shoes.

  • No "check the sig" posts or any other type of free posting. Any posts made solely to advertise things for sale or a signature will be considered free posting or "postwhoring," and dealt with accordingly.

  • No more just "declaring" what you wore. please post a pic otherwise it is a useless post.

  • Don't start a whole transaction. If you want to buy someone's shoes, pm them. don't make a post asking them what size it is and how much and blah blah blah.

  • No Beasting. It's annoying.

  • Don't Troll. Post your own pictures.


  • DO NOT DOUBLE POST, keep all your comments in ONE post. Members found intentionally double posting will be warned and possibly pruned of all their posts.
1st August 2011 15:22
more pics: ' http://kickitfresh.blogspot.com/2011/08/look-back-dunk-low-sb-cinco-de-mayo.html'

1st August 2011 15:23
too much rules man

ill stick to boxden
1st August 2011 16:14
good start with the cinco de mayos
1st August 2011 16:24
First day w/ my True Blues
1st August 2011 16:37
First Page x [Group Name In Red]

Unkles today
1st August 2011 16:54
1st August 2011 17:09
Let me bring the heat !

1st August 2011 17:15
Let me bring the heat !


Wheres the heat?

Lol jk nice jrods
1st August 2011 17:26
Faded Glory
JCrew White Wash Slevage

JCrew x New Balance 1400