WDYWT - What Did You Wear Today SB Edition December 2012!!

19th December 2012 04:40
I don't even like Baby Bears but damnabit if that ain't the cleanest pair I've ever seen on foot! Nice!

Gore-Tex Lows are SO WHITE! ... OK, off-white but still. Tony, you're keepin em SO clean! Not easy to do! Nice shot, bro.

thanks bro!

edit: i been doing skateboarding kicks recently
that's the busenitz

better photo, more details can be found at' http://kickitfresh.blogspot.com/2012/12/adidas-busenitz-bluered.html'
19th December 2012 18:08
Sunday: Baby Bear Lows (whattup Tony)

Monday: Dr.Feel Goods

Damm these baby bears are buttery ! Glad i still have my pair and in the same condition. Good stuff.
19th December 2012 21:22
Love the colorway on those Tony.

Tablo., nice Pusheads back there
20th December 2012 02:11
nice guccis, quags, vamps, blazer rotation and krampus
irons today

for a better version of the picture and some details on the shoe, visit' http://kickitfresh.blogspot.com/2012/12/dunk-high-sb-iron.html'

20th December 2012 04:29
See some good stuff in here
20th December 2012 06:58
Some good photographers and PS ppl on here
20th December 2012 17:59

A&D's today
21st December 2012 15:48
Some recent wears

Dope chocolates, vamps, sbtg and Rayguns!

21st December 2012 19:38
goretex today

you can get some details and a better version of this picture at' http://kickitfresh.blogspot.com/2012/12/dunk-low-sb-goretex.html'

very clean
21st December 2012 21:54
Nice Awayguns back there, still need a pair.