WDYWT - What Did You Wear Today - January 2013! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

9th January 2013 09:08
Lovely infrared 6s^^

My work mates.
9th January 2013 11:54
^^^^Air Flights go hard homie.. They called 'em the poor man's 4's growin up; but I rather the Flights than the 4's...
9th January 2013 14:40
Product of a Funky Ear:
deadstockjme i wish those were MY beaters lol... cortez shot is fresh too.

cuttingJADElaceSWAP by Product of a Funky Ear, on Flickr

thats a really sick lace swap, this makes me wanna cop the christmas's now just for the laces I switched my pressure lace-locks to my lavas and they look pretty sick too

DO IT HOMIE! the christmas with the red laces look fire too... its as if they made the two shoes intentionally for people to lace swap lol
9th January 2013 16:24
clean flights and breds
996s today

some more details about the shoe and a better version of this picture are located here' http://kickitfresh.blogspot.com/2013/01/new-balance-996-grey.html'
9th January 2013 17:21


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9th January 2013 17:23
floridians for the work day
9th January 2013 17:28

Air Jordan VI LE "Defining Moments" by KCbruins1919, on Flickr
9th January 2013 17:29
9th January 2013 17:34

Nice DMs.
9th January 2013 18:20