WDYWT - What Did You Wear Today - December 2012!

19th December 2012 04:57
haha! that's awesome!

i've never done one of those captions b4, but i needed to put something in the blank space to make the pic work on instagram, so that's what i did.

no shame either...
19th December 2012 05:02
we all know deep down your heart your crying but its all good
19th December 2012 05:31
we all know deep down your heart your crying but its all good

on the contrary, y'all should know me by now, not a single fuck is given, ain't nothing you interweb herbs ever said that made me change a single thing about me.
19th December 2012 07:05
ok go do your thing dj proto
Go dj I got my dj go dj I get my I get my *lil Wayne*
19th December 2012 10:40

Vans x Wtaps by dioview, on Flickr

Dope. Clean WTAPs.
19th December 2012 11:24
Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III "Selvedge Denim"

Clean wear, they look nice. Passed on them though
19th December 2012 12:04
19th December 2012 13:38
nicholasmcfly looks like a b-grade drake in the face-ass

and dope goretex SB's a page or two back
19th December 2012 13:55
troll level is weak on here
comeback game is lacking
19th December 2012 15:43
I'm not trolling, I'm just saying what's on my mind.

anyways, the past few days:

BBC, Dyoh, APC, Gucci, Supreme, Bape, HUF + 2007 Foamposite Ones

I'm such a hypebeast lmao