Official +++ Underrated Rappers? +++ Thread

4th December 2012 15:31
Hands down.

5th December 2012 00:15
MACKLEMORE, also mgk doesn't have enough hype. He's a great freestyles and performs with so much energy...
7th December 2012 11:18
Dizzy Wright
Big Krit
Alley Boy
Master P an the new No Limit
7th December 2012 19:49
Probably Kero One. He produces all of his music and he has this jazzy/old school style and actually spits about real things. And no, I'm not his brother or anything
10th December 2012 03:30
Hopsin isn't underated anymore...
Jordan Gang:
Dizzy Wright
Big Krit
Alley Boy
Master P an the new No Limit

10th December 2012 11:49
UK rappers, like DVS.

14th December 2012 18:23
moosh and twist
14th December 2012 23:08
Black Thought without a DOUBT!
I also think that Childish Gambino is underrated. I mean yes, people know who he is, but he's not the usual mainstream pop-rapper everyone seems to think he is. Gambino is one of the most conscious new hip-hop artists out there with J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, etc.
"This one kid said somethin' that was really bad
He said I wasn't really black because I had a dad
I think that's kinda sad
Mostly cause a lot of black kids think they should agree with that"
Gambino - Hold you Down
17th December 2012 16:05
big KRIT, Pusha T, School Boy Q
17th December 2012 18:17
Black Thought. Just'Shaad. Mos Def. Joe Budden. Royce Da 5'9". Ab Soul. Blu. Jay Electronica. Frank Ocean. Domo Genesis. Beanie Sigel.