Foams, J's, LBJ's, ?'s, SB's, Penny's and more 2/17/2013

8th May 2011 23:27
In 2007 I had to sell my collection. Needed the cash. Now I'm getting back into it. Here's what I have after just about 1 year...

9th May 2011 02:31
very dope collection keep it up love the lebron entourage
9th May 2011 02:41
Very good collection for a return into the game! Entourage looking nice!
9th May 2011 03:19
Thanks. I have the Jordan VIII Playoffs and the Lebron Christmas on the way. I missed the whole hunting kicks down thing and forgot how much fun it is and how satisfying it gets when you find what youre looking for. I got the Air Max Terra Ninety collection in all 4 colors too but thier dogged.
10th May 2011 00:55
Im liking the "wolf grey" 5's and the yotr 7's!! Keep up the good work bro!
10th May 2011 03:41
nice come back.... the jordan year of the rabbit dnt look to bad... just not feelin that brown laces
10th May 2011 04:21
I popped on red laces to see how it looks. Not too bad. They shouldve made the sole match the laces...give it a little more uniqueness.
10th May 2011 05:08
I love the Red 14's!

Taxi's look fresh and I'm liking the 8's!
10th May 2011 22:39
XIV's are one of my favorite Jordan's ever. Everyone sleeps on them. It's a 100% summer shoe. It don't look right with pants.
22nd May 2011 21:45
New pick ups...Lebron 8 South Beach, Hyperdunk 2010 Breast Cancer Awareness, and Lebron 8 V2 Christmas